Divorce Mediation

Litigation is a process geared toward conflict. In a divorce case, that conflict involves not just the spouses, but often children and other family members as well. In many cases, litigation concludes after a lengthy period of time with a trial before a judge who will make decisions that will affect you and your family, in some instances for many years and even a lifetime.

In mediation, we take a different approach. The approach is one of cooperation, not confrontation. Mediation can take many forms: it can occur with the parties themselves alone with a mediator with or without counsel and, in some instances just the parties and their lawyers without a third party mediator. Every person, ever family and therefore every case is different. There is no “boilerplate” or “cookie cutter” method that works for all cases. Before embarking on a path of mediation, I will always discuss the options and suggest alternatives to my clients.

Ultimately, mediation enables you, my client, to have control over your future and the future of your children, rather than abdicating that control to a Judge who, despite the best of intentions, cannot possibly fashion a resolution in as thoughtful a way as you and your spouse can do yourselves if you are motivated to do so. In most cases, I have found that people who are invested in the mediation process and the outcome are much more likely to abide by an agreement than those who have had a result imposed upon them by a Court.

I represent many clients who participate successfully in the mediation process. I have been called upon on several occasions by other lawyers to serve as a private mediator for their cases and, in addition, been appointed by local court’s to mediate family matters.  If you would like to speak with me or obtain more information regarding mediation, please contact me at dbulitt@jgllaw.com.

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